Winnemucca, Nevada


electrician-1_175Begin a Career in Electrical Technology Systems 

Great Basin College is currently offering a 48-week program in Electrical Technology Systems. Past participants have successfully found work in the mining industry, and graduates are in high demand.

Electrical systems technology graduates have the skills to install, maintain, test, troubleshoot, repair and replace high-tech electrical systems and controls in modern industrial environments and commercial buildings; modify and expand existing electrical systems; work in diverse industries including mining, manufacturing, power plants, power distribution, construction, sales, machine control, water resource management, gaming, and renewable energy.


There are scholarships available - please contact Chris Marshall at 7775-753-2175, Bret Murphy at 775-753-2217, or Lisa Campbell at 775-623-4824 to enroll and get more information. Or, take a look at the GBC website, here .


trainsm_175About Winnemucca

A great place to live and a great place to work. We're a community of about 17,000 located in north central Nevada about halfway between Salt Lake City, Utah and San Francisco, California.

The local economy is largely supported by gold mining, manufacturing, ranching, farming, and visitor services. Of course, we are in Nevada, so gambling and gaming casino's are also important contributors to the local economy. Some of the worlds largest gold mining companies... Read More



bigbook_175Why Live and Work in Nevada?

Nevada has consistently ranked as one of the best locations for start-up businesses. The State of Nevada offers incentive programs to qualifying businesses that are expanding or relocating to the region. These incentives include sales and use tax abatements, personal property tax abatements, and training grants for employees.

The favorable tax climate is one of the many reasons to work in or conduct business in Nevada. Nevada’s tax structure distinguishes the state as offering a business friendly environment very few states can match. Nevada is an ideal location for companies seeking cost-effective rapid access to domestic and international markets... Read More


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Winnemucca Works is provided as a free public service to local employers and people seeking jobs in our area.  The site was created and is maintained by the Humboldt Development Authority, the economic development agency of the City of Winnemucca and Humboldt County.

Job Opportunities in Winnemucca

We need people. Our biggest challenge in growing the local economy is finding the people we need to fuel the growth of business in our community. WinnemuccaWorks is designed to fill that need by providing you with the tools to plug yourself into a great career opportunity. Search Jobs